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Welcome onto U-Sphere !

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U-Sphere (2004-2021) is a site that tackles "borderline" subjects that we tend to avoid under the guise of certainties and prejudices, personal prejudices that we most often ignore. Hypotheses are exposed and tested here through multidisciplinary surveys, often "outside the box".

U-Sphere is not strictly a scientific site: it is a laboratory for ideas, for the prototyping of concepts, for the crossing of data, which provide food for thought. If the hypotheses discussed here prove to be sufficiently promising, they are possibly developed with scientific laboratories.

The attitude is open: I avoid all kind of beliefs and agree to explore any possibility that is even the least probable. Thinking "It's possible" and not "I believe / I affirm" is my bias. Conversely, I have no complex in recognizing and correcting an assumption that turns out to be unrealistic or "stupid". I am attentive and benevolent to critics, ready to abandon any mental construction or any work, however long and tedious they may be, if their inanity is demonstrated. Likewise, I try to remain aware of the speculative level of the hypotheses discussed, considering that it is also an intellectual game. This detachment relative to the subjects discussed seems to me to be an essential mental posture.

In this state of mind, I have - either - no complex to broach ideas or subjects that too many people reject considering the subjects "classified" / "closed", even if it should not exist less. 1%chance of discovering "something else":

  • I try to keep a look as open as possible on realities individually experienced and sometimes too cruelly dismissed, that is to say by simplistic explanations. Without losing his critical mind,
  • I do not share the blissful positivism of the end of the XX th century: 'the main flaw and naivety of' rationalist 'thought consists in believing that reality stops or is limited to what man knows' . Too many people "kill their dreams" or unwittingly forge mental cages, naively believing that what is written in books is the only Truth. The worst being when these people become proselytes, in the name of their books (whether they are scientific, ufological, religious and ultimately whatever the belief), setting themselves up as "white knights" and coming to give moral lessons on manners. "Definitive to interpret reality". They can also seek to find explanations at all costs where sometimes there is simply none that is not relevant in the state of our knowledge. Humility should be one of our cardinal values: learning to recognize our faults and our limits, to break out of our mental limits to meet those we do not understand, our tireless quest. And be careful! Books are of course important, but even more so to cross them, to criticize them and to learn to identify the issues related to the information carried by those who communicate them.

Evaluating and attempting to prove hypotheses that are today weakly shared is also an intellectual process which, if it is honestly carried out, can prove to be rich in unexpected discoveries, and for that, the capacity for self-mockery and a certain distanced humor with our own ideas are essential.

Good reading, - Michaël Vaillant

Why "U-Sphere"?

To date, there are 4,925 articles on U-Sphere. Listing them exhaustively would be tedious, but generally U-Sphere deals with the relationship between man and his environment, especially how the environment modulates and influences human evolution. Under this prism, this site is interested in the emergence of symbols, cultures and civilizations ...

The choice of this name indicates a posture of research: an approach of the unknown ("u" nknown) by the environmental "spheres" (in connection with this new discipline, called "wiki / Earth_system_science Earth System Science "). And to observe how changes or major modifications of the environment are likely to explain the presence or emergence of phenomena still unexplained today: the environment as a generator or inducer.

I rely on a postulate: the man of the future, if he wishes to maintain a harmonious relationship with his environmental spheres, will have to become a kind of "gardener of the universe", cultivating and protecting with kindness the emergence of complexity. . Helping her, wherever she is born in the universe, to develop and grow on her own, leaving her complete freedom to determine herself. Man will be more and more interested in the preservation of species, through a distanced approach and through environmental systemic risks. This posture is also the one driven by the search for a form of morality that is as universal as possible.

This "vision" was used to found several lines of thought and working hypotheses.

Example: if an intelligence is at work behind UAPs (Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena), beyond the framework of individual observations, can we prove that there is consistency, and that this consistency has to be had with the environment? Indeed, an intelligence which would be part of a larger framework would leave, in filigree, its objectives appear. To do this, it is necessary to analyze weak signals buried in the background noise made up of tens of thousands of observations and for several generations. Then, within the framework of U-Sphere, to put them in relation with environmental determinants, likely to impact in the long term the human civilizations. 

Read on U-Sphere

U-Sphere's site is a wiki, and obviously a wiki can't be read like a blog! I chose this structure in order to facilitate my note-taking, transversal and informal, and the creation of links between the pages. Modeled on the principle of the famous encyclopedia because human thought works in a network, it is not linear. The whole forms a huge puzzle, which by its internal constraints, will push certain hypotheses outside the field of possibilities, but also allow to integrate others, unexpected. It also means that many articles are "hidden", buried behind other articles, it will sometimes take a little luck to find them (!).

  • If you follow U-Sphère news, you will find, below, in the "Latest articles published" section, the 6 most recent articles published
  • You can also follow the articles published on the U-Sphère blog (closed to date) and provide your remarks and comments.
  • If you are new, you can consult the "Main articles" section, which recaps the main discoveries made on U-Sphere
  • Finally, if you are looking for detailed information, a summary (not exhaustive) of the articles, classified by chronology.

The ecology of UAP: Our environment and unexplained phenomena


U-Sphere deals with the relationship between man and his environment. Acceptance of the unknown and the integration of new knowledge: how can humans modify their beliefs to better communicate and integrate into their information spheres?
UAP (best known as UFO) belong to a field which has not yet made children within the scientific community. Is this subject doomed to remain excluded from science? If not as a psychosocial phenomenon? Only the future can tell us.
The approach of this site is to help (modestly) to make a change, to show that there are avenues to study this phenomenon, but that also for this it is necessary to create common tools and provide resources. So that, finally, this subject can be rid of its "exoticism" and be integrated into the framework of a more traditional research.
Various subjects relating to: Artificial Intelligence , Extra-Terrestrial life , and other meta-physical subjects illustrated with "borderline cases".

Latest articles published

Following a crash of the hard drive of the OVH server that hosted this site, U-Sphere was unavailable for almost a year and a half. Unfortunately, I was unable to recover the raw data from updates made between 2012 and 2019.

To date I only have copies of the missing articles in the form of texts and images which will be gradually restored to their original state. The older articles (currently present) correspond to a low level backup that I had made a long time ago ...

Below, the level of speculation is shown for each item. Manipulating hypotheses, some of the ideas turn out to be more or less distant from our reality. Thinking "It's possible" and not "I believe / I affirm" is my bias. However, if certain possibilities exist, they must be considered properly, with great caution.

# Specul. Field Subject Level Description
2015.10 1/5 Survey Methodology, Psychology UFO, Investigation Synthesis On the difficult neutrality of UFO / PAN investigations. What fundamental differences between “believing” and “skeptical” approaches and the difficulties inherent in each of them.
2015.10 1/5 Mathematics, Psychosociology, Sociology of values, Philosophy UFO, Evidence Assumptions, Data, Analyzes, Synthesis Can we really prove the exogenous origin of certain UFO (s)? In the form of a provocative question, I address the context of the work carried out in recent years and how far we have come since. How can this work help us better understand the phenomenon? With new results highlighting or reinforcing certain avenues of reflection.
2015.06 0/5 Philosophy, Psychosociology, Ecoystemic Justice, Harmony Discussion Is it fair to naturally prefer the beautiful? Is it moral to rule out certain harmonious forms to the detriment of malfunctioning forms? What to think of this natural propensity?
2015.04 0/5 3d modeling PAN Data, Analysis [[«_LAC_CHAUVET_»_EGLISENEUVE-D’ENTRAIGUES_ (63) _ 07.18.1952 | Analysis and attempt at 3D reconstruction of 4 photographs taken by André Frégnale, geological engineer, near lake Chauvet (Puy-de - Dome), 18 of July of 1952. This case is one of the famous French cases and for the moment resistant to analysis (article not completed).
  • As a bonus, the link to the small 3D analysis program [1] developed for this study.
2015.03 0/5 Cartography, modeling Atmospheric re-entry Data, Analysis Atmospheric reentry of 03/15/2015, at 8:40 pm hundreds of witnesses observed a huge fireball from Belgium, France, Germany and finally the Swiss.
2015.03 1/5 Orbitography, modeling PAN, Atmospheric reentry Data, Analysis November 5, 1990, thousands of people observe an atmospheric reentry of an exceptional magnitude. I take stock of the reconstruction work that I have done.
2015.01 1/5 Nuclear PAN, Drones www, Data List of drones overflights of nuclear sites, very good work from Vinz Moreau . But what types of drones were they? We do not know. Does this mean that there are no doubts? Y. Rousselet (Greenpeace) to add: "These objects that everyone is talking about but that nobody wants to show".
2014.08 4/5 History geography Personal Dream Data, Analysis, Discovery UFOs and the third reich (the road to Agartha): evocation of the escape of the Nazis in 1946 and of a passage under the Antarctic continent for the under -marines. Recent Antarctic subglacial maps do not seem to exclude this.
2012.01 0/5 Psychology Altered states of consciousness Data, Analysis Experiment on dreams conducted by psychologist Richard Wiseman. A short - instructive - comparison between the dreams of men and women reveals our psyche and the values ​​that drive us.
2010.12 5/5 Theology, Photography Sindonology Hypotheses The Shroud of Turin: would a fake have been made at the beginning of the 20th century? The "ummites" and "crop-circles makers" denounce.
2010.10 1/5 Sociology, Symbolic Agroglyphs Synthesis Chronological table of Crop-Circles: synthesis of anthropogenic symbols. Update on the work of Carl Calleman.
2010.09 3/5 Sociology, Symbolic Agroglyphs Hypotheses Crop circles 2010 - forecasts: attempt to anticipate certain crop circles due to occur this year.
2010.08 1/5 Astronomy, Learning Theory PAN, Sun Hypotheses, Discovery Correlation of UFO observations with the Sun out of 17714 observations is there a correlation with the sun? No clear evidence. However, frequency analysis indicates that the phenomenon appears to behave like a supervised learning system.

'Speculative level'

0: None / Data / Information / News
1: Consensus, moot points
2: No clear consensus
3: Open
4: Improbable, manipulation of open ideas and reflections, possibly leading to new hypotheses
5: Highly speculative even romantic :)

Main articles

To facilitate your reading, if you are new to U-Sphere, the table below lists the other main articles. They generally allowed me to discover a new fact or original or unpublished information.

# Specul. Field Subject Level Description
2010.08 1/5 Astronomy, Learning Theory PAN, Sun Hypotheses, Discovery Is there a correlation of UFO observations with the Sun?: Out of 17714 observations is there a correlation with the sun? No clear evidence. However, frequency analysis indicates that the phenomenon appears to behave like a supervised learning system.
2010.04 1/5 Astronomy, Geology, Physics Sun Theory, Hypotheses Solar systemic risk and power laws. Question on the nature of solar risk and its link with earthquakes.
2010.02 4/5 Information, Crossing Escathology Hypothesis, Analysis, Discovery Cross eschatology: crossing of information and 'hard core' of prophecies. Emergence of a coherence? (05/07/09)
2009.08 2/5 Astronomy Planet X Analysis, Hypothesis Comets and Planet X defects in the distribution density of comets from remote regions of the solar system
2009.06 1/5 Sociology, Symbolic, Methodology Agroglyphs Hypotheses, Discovery Methodology for calculating past dates associated with Crops Circles: a model accurate to within 10 ^ -3 year?
2008.18 0/5 Sociology, Symbolic Agroglyphs Analysis Etchilhampton Hill, Wiltshire, Crop circle in the shape of a cross: an anticipated new type of crop circles.
2008.13 3/5 Futurology Future world Assumptions, Speculation Futurama an essay to describe the future world: towards a world of lights or a world of darkness?
2008.06 2/5 Climatology, Symbolic Agroglyphs Theory, Hypotheses Abrupt change in climate at the end of the last ice age, Holocene and Crops-Circles.
2007.24 2/5 Climatology, Symbolic Agroglyphs Hypothesis, Discovery Crop circles: impossible scenarios: the José Argüelles hypothesis
2007.08 1/5 History, Environment Agroglyphs Analysis, Discovery The Crop Circles show us the film of the protohistory of man
2007.17 2/5 Case of observation, Symbolic Agroglyph, Chibolton Analysis, Discovery The surprising example of Chilbolton: The bottom line? Notes
2007.06 3/5 History Nazca Hypotheses Nazca: a network listening to "mountain anger"? [8/27 Update] Additional note on pulsars added.

More complete list of main articles classified by chronology.

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