We are requiring a minimal set of informations about your observation: it'll help us to get environmental data about where you was on Earth. We then will be able to check if a phenomena can afford us an explanation.

1Date and Time of observation

The date you saw the UAP? We're considering the date and time at the very beginning of your observation. Even if your observation lasted several days.
The local time you saw the UAP?
: :
How long did it last? Optional. Only a numerical value. You can also use a decimal value, but be aware of the sexagecimal to decimal conversion (0.5 hour = 30 minutes)
Time Zone UTC Hour CET Hour

2Place of observation

Where you saw the UAP? Your location at the beginning of your observation: when, for the first time, you saw the UAP. Type your address or click on the map. You can then change the position of the marker. Zoom on the map to ensure that the bottom of the marker is set at your exact location.
Voie  Adress 


3Where in the sky were you observing?

What were you facing? Your horizontal direction of observation, called the "azimuth" of the phenomena. The North is at 0°, East 90°, South 180°, West 270°. Use only numerical values. Optional field but strongly recommended.
Azimuth at the beginning
Azimuth at the end

Your vertical direction of observation: also called the "elevation" of the phenomena above the horizon. Use only numerical values. If the UAP was at the horizon, it was at 0°, if it was above your head, it was at the zenith at 90°.
Elevation at the beginning
Elevation at the end
We're now systematically reviewing all environmental activities which could explain your observation. Below, the value of each hypothesis is given as a percentage, from 0% to 100%. This is an evaluation of the coherency of each hypothesis regarding your UAP description. This percentage must be put in context regarding the overall level of information available : i.e. the number of elements checked for each hypothesis. Elements that should be (at least) checked are: elevation, azimuth, color, angular speed, angular size, UAP shape, trajectory shape, number of phenomena sighted. You'll found more informations in our about/methodology section.