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This table lists the other main articles published on this site. You can discover many others, behind links, as you read.

Date Description Specul.
2012.01 Experiment on dreams conducted by psychologist Richard Wiseman. I conduct a short comparison between the dreams of men and women. 0/5
2010.13 Crop : a site on crop circles for English speakers: it gathers in a graphic and synthetic approach the analyses presented on u-sphere. 0/5
2010.12 The Shroud of Turin: was it a fake made in the early 20th century? The "ummites" and "crop-circles makers" denounce. 5/5
2010.11 Shroud of : a site to gather information specific to the Shroud of Turin (under construction) 4/5
2010.10 Chronological table of the Crop Circles: synthesis of the symbols of anthropic nature. An update on the work of Carl Calleman. 1/5
2010.09 Crop circles 2010 - predictions: attempt to anticipate some crop circles to occur this year. 3/5
2010.08 Correlation of UFO observations with the Sun: out of 17714 observations is there a correlation with the sun? No clear evidence. However, the frequency analysis indicates that the phenomenon seems to behave like a supervised learning system. 1/5
2010.07 28 March 1950 - 28 March 2010, in pursuit of U-Myths. "Investigation" in the Southern Alps. 3/5
2010.06 Letter codee - information DS - Little known encrypted letter: indications on the presumed location of "Ummite" bases 0/5
2010.05 Modeling of the sun's cycles and its relationship with the gravitational effect of the planets, other environmental aspects [in progress] 0/5
2010.04 Solar systemic risk, power laws. Questioning the nature of solar risk and its relationship to earthquakes. 1/5
2010.03 What would be the effects of a cataclysmic solar explosion? 2/5
2010.02 Crossed Eschatology: Crossing information and the 'hard core' of prophecies. The emergence of a coherence (07/05/09) 4/5
2010.01 Solar Activity and Gravitational Influences 0/5
2009.10 September 11 - Evidence that explosives demolished the WTC Joe Biden Confronts Evidence of Explosives Used on 9/11 (04/29/09) 2/5
2009.09 Comets and Planet X (Part II): on the explanation of cometary density excesses: not necessarily "Planet X 1/5
2009.08 Comets and Planet X (Part I): defects in the density distribution of comets from remote regions of the solar system 2/5
2009.07 SNR G1.9+0.3: a group of Spanish astronomers claim that a supernova discovered in 1983 is actually a brown dwarf orbiting beyond Pluto. 4/5
2009.06 Methodology for calculating past dates associated with Crops Circles: a model accurate to within 10^-3 years? 1/5
2009.05 Synchronicity, predictions and the apostle St. John (of the apocalypse?) (Incidentally, projection of the number of crop circles for 2009, Nazca). 3/5
2009.04 The four celestial guardians - dreaming and testing of the predictive model of crop circles. 4/5
2009.03 Integration of realities and exogenous contact? : to elaborate a "Theory of contact" 2/5
2009.02 Integration of realities and exogenous contact: The Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis (HET): Can we be comfortable with this idea? 0/5
2009.01 Integration of realities and exogenous contact: Why aren't they here yet? Review of an article published in the magazine "Pour la science". 1/5
2008.23 Crop-circle of Valence, France : Assessment of the electromagnetic field measurements 0/5
2008.22 Impossible scenarios: fiction and speculation to explain the behavior of the UAP 5/5
2008.21 Towards a universal language: in search of the perfect language 2/5
2008.20 Crop-circle of Valence, France: report of electromagnetic expertise in the infrared domain]. Coricancha Laboratory. 0/5
2008.19 Chronology of the Crops Circles: elements of precision 1/5
2008.18 Etchilhampton Hill, Wiltshire, Cross-shaped Crop Circle: a new type of crop circle "predicted" before their arrival! 0/5
2008.17 FED, speculation, oil and Iran: soon the bottom? Relation with the events in Georgia. September or October surprise? 4/5
2008.16 Crop-circle of Valence, France: elements of symbolic analysis 3/5
2008.15 Crop-circle of Valence, France: three short appendices. 0/5
2008.14 Crop-circle of Valence, France: Electromagnetic measurements and assumptions. 0/5
2008.13 Futurama: an essay to describe the future world: towards a world of lights. 3/5
2008.12 UFO_study in category "belief" then "pseudo-science" on Wikipedia: of the difficulty to remain rational in front of the unknown. An old debate. 1/5
2008.11 Information or misinformation? Images of Planet X taken by the South Pole Telescope (SPT) 5/5
2008.10 Planet X from youtube and metacafe videos: a point of view 5/5
2008.09 Planet X: images allegedly taken by the SPT. Elements of analysis, arguments for and against. 1/5
2008.08 FED oil speculation and Iran 4/5
2008.07 Collective consciousness, prophecies and countdown: chronic of an announced war? 3/5
2008.06 Abrupt climate change at the end of the last ice age, Holocene and Crops-Circles 2/5
2008.05 California Drones (USA): attempts to analyze a case: Capitola 0/5
2008.04 Belgian_Wave: environmental correlation with northern watersheds? 2/5
2008.03 "Ummite" metamorphoses : "Ummites" in all their forms. 1/5
2008.02 Voronezh: return on a less known aspect of the affair 1/5
2008.01 Marionnetists and the "war" of information. 3/5
2007.28 Hunab Ku : small discussion about the meaning of this Mayan symbol, the nature of its particular form. Unpublished elements ? 2/5
2007.27 Geolocation of crop circles: preliminary results (crop circle distribution maps) and progress. 0/5
2007.26 Toulouse, AZF explosion of September 21, 2001: the work of Pierre Grésillaud: an unusual investigation. 0/5
2007.25 ClearStream 2. Relational network and some explanations 0/5
2007.24 Crop circles: impossible scenarios and the José Argüelles hypothesis 2/5
2007.23 [1] Setting up a mini-database on crop circles 0/5
2007.22 Doomsday Crop Circle: Is time really running out? 0/5
2007.21 Mayan and Aztec Calendars 0/5
2007.20 The Crop Circles are replaying the film of man's protohistory (the sequel is coming) (17/08/2007) 1/5
2007.19 Countdown hypothesis: Is time really running out? 2/5
2007.18 Could the "Great Cycle of 13 Baktuns" be inscribed in the crop circles? 1/5
2007.17 The surprising example of Chilbolton: the end of the story? Notes 2/5
2007.16 The_children_of_UMMO. Article on the origin and establishment of this sect 0/5
2007.15 Crop Circles: proposal of an axis of analysis via measure of complexity and context of elaboration 0/5
2007.14 The Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) and our prejudices. How to know the truth? 0/5
2007.13 Circuit of collection of information on UAPs in France. 0/5
2007.12 Social Network Fragment of the Ummo Affair (all information welcome) 1/5
2007.11 The Ummo-SBF Affair : revised profiles and ideas raised by the actors 3/5
2007.10 A few words on the "Meta-Connections" project: ideas for automatic ontology generation. Some definitions related to the scope of the project 0/5
2007.09 Policy Ideas: a project for collaborative proposal and evaluation of policy-related ideas. 0/5
2007.08 Z-Machine, where are we? 0/5
2007.07 Individual contact: in the framework of the "Ummite" affair, what is the profile of the people chosen to be contacted? 2/5
2007.06 Nazca: a network listening the "angers of the mountain"? [27/8 Update] Additional note on pulsars added. 3/5
2007.05 Speculative game : Internal consistency of the "ummite" technological development scenario and correlation with human technological development 4/5
2007.04 The "ummite" plasma engine: does it work?] 5/5
2007.03 Synchronization of calendars: an "ummite" Dark night or not?? 4/5
2007.02 Ummo-SBF case: synthesis and questions raised. Management of the contact. Beliefs. Tetravalent logic. 3/5
2007.01 Playful illustration of emergence (java applet) 0/5
2001.04 Following the September 11, 2001, the fight against terrorism : social boundary effects and conflicts.
1999.01 Preamble of André Lebeau to the Cometa Report 0/5
1995.01 Contextual play and modified states of consciousness 3/5

Speculative Level

  1. None/Data/Information/Currentness
  2. Consensus, debatable points
  3. No clear consensus
  4. Open
  5. Improbable, manipulation of ideas and open-ended thinking, possibly leading to new hypotheses
  6. Highly speculative, romantic