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Differents context levels are encapsulated as the following:
[L4]: remarks, feelings, speculations, philosophical conceptions relaying to the datasource (L1) /="reporter" for this observation
    [L2]: environment as described by L1 during this observation (date/time, weather, description of objects in environment & their spatial location)
        [L0]: focus on a specific object or phenomenon issued from the environnement (L2) and as described by the witness (L1). L0 is part of L2.
        [L1]: witness (or indirect witness) described by himself and optionally his actions in the environment (L2)
        [L3]: other kinds human/organisational actors reported by L1 and their inter-actions in the environment (L2)
            [L3:...]: connected/encapsulated information from another datasource L3:L4(L2(L0,L1,L3)))
        [L2:...]: information on L2 produced by an object connected to L2 (at this time/place): information could be fixed on an independant record support datasource (photos, videos, etc.)

Copy & Paste a preprocessed description (with context differenciation):
print_UIperContext($aScenario->UIperContext); # Unused class at this time: //require_once("UI.php"); //$aUI = new UI(); //echo $aUI->UIstrToDate("[time][:night][date][:weekday:][:wednesday][date][:year:][:2005][:month:][:04][:day:][:27][time][:hr:][:23][:mn:][:00]","d/m/Y"); # this class should be processed here, a single time (and not twice in each view) require_once("events.php"); $anEvent = new events($aScenario); // require_once("events.php"); // $anEvent = new events($aScenario); // data pushed as an array for "scenario-H.gif.php" or passed directly through mySQL ? ?>
Choose scale : 1 Pix/UI n Pix/UI group UI
UIperContext[count($aScenario->UIperContext)-1][1]):count($aScenario->UIperContext))); $str_div = ""; $str_area = ""; $y_offsets = array ("L4"=>7, "L3"=>22, "L1"=>37, "L0"=>52, "L00"=>67, "L2"=>82); // dynamic data (manage mouseover) for ($i=0;$iUIperContext);$i++) { $elem = $aScenario->UIperContext[$i]; $y_offset = ($H-2*$margin)*($y_offsets[$elem[4]])/100; // position and dimension for areas # Dots for events if ($scale=="3") { $x1 = $margin+18+($i+1)*$xScale-($xScale/3); $y1 = floor($H-$margin-$y_offset-12); $x2 = ceil($margin+18+($i+1)*$xScale+($xScale/3)); $y2 = ceil($H-$margin-$y_offset+12); } else { $x1 = floor($margin+18+$elem[0]*$xScale)-1; $y1 = floor($H-$margin-$y_offset-12); $x2 = ceil($margin+18+$elem[1]*$xScale)+1; $y2 = ceil($H-$margin-$y_offset+12); } $str_div = $str_div."
\n"; //showPopup('eventID_".$i."', $event) $str_area = $str_area."\n"; } echo $str_div."
"; echo "
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"; ?>